AmeriCorps Member

Caroline Paik

WIC Health Educator

Family Health Center

  1. Caroline PaikWhy were you interested in joining our AmeriCorps program at AHS?
    I wanted to gain more public health experience and the AmeriCorps program at AHS offered opportunities for that.
  1. What motivates you as the WIC Health Educator?
    All the cute babies!
  1. If you could describe your AmeriCorps experience so far in one word or phrase, what would it be?
  1. What do you hope to give to the clients you serve?
    I hope to make things a little easier for struggling families and give accurate, helpful information about WIC and child nutrition.
  1. What impact do the clients you serve have on you?
    Some clients have graciously shared parts of their cultures and backgrounds with me and I know that I’ll never forget those moments.
  1. What are you most proud of so far in your service year?
    I’m aware of how hard my fellow AmeriCorps members and I worked this year. Even when things were confusing or stressful, we all pushed through and stuck it out. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and how much we’ve grown.

Bonus questions!

  1. Where would you most like to travel to?
    Canada because I’ve never visited even though it’s so close or South Korea because my extended family lives there.
  1. What is your favorite holiday and why?
    Fourth of July because the weather is always nice and I love barbecue food.
  1. If you could create any work of art, what would it be about?
    I would make music. My album cover would have Chewy (my sister’s dog) on it and the songs would be about the love I have for my friends.
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